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We celebrate those who step out of their comfort zones. Those who embrace new cultures. Most importantly, those who empower others and create change in the world. #XploreTheWorld believes education abroad opportunities are essential for academic advancement and personal growth. We honor the beauty of the world and the fearless people who discover just how far they can go as they #XploreTheWorld.

#XploreTheWorld Collection Proceeds
A portion of each sale from items in the #XploreTheWorld Collection goes towards the study abroad scholarship. We also encourage those who are teaching, volunteering, or completing service projects overseas to share photos while abroad by tagging #XploreTheWorld on social media. 

Study Abroad Scholarship Information
The #XploreTheWorld study abroad scholarship is currently awarded annually, to be used for the summer or fall semester. The application period opens in March 2021 for the Summer/Fall 2021 year. Recipients of the #XploreTheWorld Scholarship lead us on an international journey as they use blogging, photography, and videography to share their study abroad experience.

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Meet our Explorers

Ty Boyer (Virginia)

Work Hard: History Teacher
Explore Harder: Hunting, Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, Boating
Favorite Spot: Blue Ridge Mountains

Get to know Ty

Gina B. (California)

Work Hard: Physicist
Explore Harder: Snowboarding, Weightlifting, Traveling
Favorite Spot: Any and all National Parks

Get to know Gina

Lizzie Heine (Missouri)

Work Hard: Yoga Instructor
Explore Harder: Irish Dance, Travel, Hiking, Rock Climbing
Favorite Spot: Ozark Trail

Get to know Lizzie

Ed Donahue (PA & Florida)

Work Hard: Retired Police Detective
Explore Harder: Fishing, Traveling, Hunting, Hiking, Shooting
Favorite Spot: Allegheny National Forest

Get to know Ed

Janelle Erickson (Virginia)

Work Hard: Teacher
Explore Harder: Running, Kayaking, Reading, Traveling
Favorite Spot: Outer Banks, North Carolina

Get to know Janelle

Finnian Rattay (Everywhere)

Work Hard: Professional Napper
Explore Harder: Running, Playing, Chasing
Favorite Spot: Kayaking the Allegheny River

Get to know Finn