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Take a moment and think about the last time you went kayaking on the river with a group of friends...or spent months researching and organizing a trip abroad...how about flying across the country and hiking the tallest mountain peak.

These happy memories flooding your mind are the reason busyXploring was born.


After working for years in the financial industry, I decided to turn my love for nature, travel, and design into a business.  Fueled by passion and a burning desire to make life one big adventure, busyXploring was born.


We believe in defining life by experiences. Filling our days with the things we are most passionate about. Our brand is hand-crafted for you, the modern adventurer. We mix comfortable, high-quality fabrics with unique designs fit for your next excursion in the woods or around the world.


Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I've spent most days hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing...if it's outside, I've done it.  This lifestyle kept me looking for more exhilarating experiences, which then landed 18 year old me in Meknes, Morocco and a few years later, traveling around India.  My passion and appreciation for study abroad started at that moment.  Many years and countries later, I developed #XploreTheWorld, a study abroad scholarship and brand ambassador program.  Visit the #XploreTheWorld page for more information. 


Be sure to follow @busyXploring, tag us in your pics, and share your experience as we build the work hard, explore harder movement!

- Audrey & Crew

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