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Packing List: Ice Fishing
We love ice fishing. There is something special about setting up the shanty, drilling the hole and kicking back waiting for the rod to move. Advice: If you're fishing in a shanty with a heater (the life, right?!), make sure you...
Packing List: Scandinavia in November
In the winter of 2018, I decided to travel to 3 countries in one week. Norway, Denmark, and Sweden were my choices and how cool it was! Below is a packing list of exactly what I brought with me in one small backpack for the week. When traveling, I believe in re-wearing clothes and bringing as little as possible. This makes airplane/train/taxi travel much easier!
Packing List: Canada in July
Canada is home to some of the most beautiful lakes and best fishing spots. This packing list is for a weeklong fishing trip - boating/fishing during the day and relaxing around the campfire at night.
Packing List: India
You are about to embark on an amazing journey. India is hands-down my favorite country to visit. The colors, tradition, history, food, music, dance...the list goes on. I have quite a bit of experience traveling to different parts of the country, so if you need more specific info please reach out.
Packing List: Costa Rica Beach Trip in November
Costa Rica - The land of sunshine, surf, and sand. If you are traveling to the famous beaches of Costa Rica, this is the packing list for you. I've had quite a few trips to this life-changing country and narrowed the list down to the necessities.
Packing List: Iceland in the Fall
Iceland's beauty is indescribable. This packing list below was created to diminish some of the pre-packing stress and to keep your bags light!