Packing List: Scandinavia in November

 Scandinavia in November | busyXploring Packing List

In the winter of 2018, I decided to travel to 3 countries in one week. Norway, Denmark, and Sweden were my choices and how cool it was! Below is a packing list of exactly what I brought with me in one small backpack for the week. When traveling, I believe in re-wearing clothes and bringing as little as possible. This makes airplane/train/taxi travel much easier!

Location: Norway, Denmark, Sweden
Month: Late November
Weather: Cloudy/Chilly, 30's
Trip Style: Backpacking

Advice: Pack light and pack layers. Warm socks/boots are essential. A big scarf is great to use as a blanket/pillow on the train.

  • Toiletries:
    • Eyes: Glasses, Contacts, Contact Solution/Case, Extra Contacts, Eye Drops, Sunglasses
    • Hair: Shampoo, Conditioner, Brush/Comb, Hair Ties
    • Body: Soap, Lotion, Razor, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Lightweight/Fast-drying towel
    • Miscellaneous: Vitamins, Medications, Motion sickness medicine, Hand sanitizer, Vaseline/lip balm
  • Clothing:
    • Bottoms: Black/Denim jeans, Long underwear/thermal, Thick or insulated leggings, Sweatpants or pajama pants
    • Tops (think 'layers'): Long sleeve shirts, Tank top, Thick sweaters
    • Outerwear: Waterproof and warm jacket with hood, Scarf, Hat, Gloves, Ear band
    • Undergarments: Bra, Underwear, Socks (warm), Boot Liners
    • Shoes: Waterproof/Insulated/Comfortable Boots or sneakers
  • Necessities:
    • Passport and passport copies
    • Drivers license
    • Health insurance card
    • Copy of flights
    • Money: US cash, Credit Cards
      • Reminder: Check into international exchange fees on your credit cards. Set up travel notification for you bank account(s) and credit card(s). 
    • Phone: Cell Phone, Phone charger, Portable charger
      • Reminder: Check with your phone plan to add international plans. Most places have wi-fi; however, if you need to use your phone for navigation, it will need data.
    • Electronics: Headphones, Selfie stick, Small tripod, Camera, Memory cards, Camera batteries/charger, Power adapter
    • Reusable water bottle
    • Notebook and Pen
    • Small crossbody purse to use during the day

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