Featured Explorer: Orlando Rios

 Orlando Rios Featured Explorer on busyXploring website. Man Hiking in mountains and trees.

Featured Explorer: Orlando Rios

Health & Wellness - That's Orlando. He has been working in the fitness industry for over 8 years and enjoys making a positive impact! When he is done knocking out reps, he enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and yes, you guessed it, working out some more! 

  • Instagram:  @orlandorios13
  • Current State: Virginia
  • Hometown: Norfolk, VA
  • Career: Fitness Director
  • Hobbies: Working Out, Hiking, and Soccer
  • Favorite Things to do in VA: I would consider myself a foodie. So I enjoy trying out new restaurants and going to some of my go to place like Leone's Italian Restaurant in Norfolk. My favorite place to visit would be the Shenandoah valley they have some great trails!
    Favorite Place to Visit Out-of-Sate: My favorite place to visit is Washington D.C. I enjoy trying out new restaurants there.
  • Most memorable adventure moment thus far:  Hiking the Great Sand dunes in Colorado.
  • Where would you like to travel next?: I haven't decided but I know later in the year I will be going to either Jamaica or Mexico!
  • All-Time Bucket List Trips: Bali, Italy, Greece, Spain, Japan
  • One thing you always take on adventures: My Wife :-)
  • Why do you explore?:  I enjoy traveling because I enjoy trying new things. I especially enjoy trying new foods from all over the world.
  • One word to describe yourself:  Charismatic

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