Featured Explorer: Ty Boyer

Featured Explorer: Ty Boyer | busyXploring

Featured Explorer: Ty Boyer

Ty grew up in a rural community in Western Pennsylvania. With not much else to do, Ty and his buddies would always spend their time outdoors. His father was, and still is, a huge influence when it comes to hunting. It is still a bond they share today.

  • Current State: Virginia
  • Hometown: Cramer, Pennsylvania
  • Career: Teacher
  • Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, Boating, Chopping Wood
  • Favorite Places to Visit in VA:  I like to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains. The hiking trails are great and it is beautiful to go any time of the year. Also, just driving around the western part of Virginia is worth the trip in the fall. In the summer, you can find me boating and kayaking on Lake Anna. 
  • Favorite Place to Visit Out-of-Sate:  I love spending time camping in Warren County, Pennsylvania. The Allegheny River is clean, warm, and great for fishing.
  • Most memorable adventure moment thus far:  Going fishing and hunting for the first time with my son, Beau.
  • Where would you like to travel next?:  Colorado on an Elk Hunt
  • All-Time Bucket List Trip:  Yukon Moose Hunt with my bow
  • Why do you explore the outdoors?:  I think being in nature is pure, and makes life all make sense. When you are outdoors, social media and everything else in this crazy world does not matter. You can truly live for the moment.
  • One word to describe yourself:  Outgoing

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