Featured Explorer: Liam

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Featured Explorer: Liam 
Connecting adventure with passion, on a boat and on land. 

I grew up in Ohio, but quickly learned that Northern Michigan would always have my heart. I’m an avid fisherman, but it isn’t the fish I’m after, it’s the moments. I picked up snowboarding a few years ago, and these two hobbies often compete for my time! My 5 year plan includes a nice RV and some kind of fishing rig — cruising the country with my love enjoying all the wonderful things life has to offer! My favorite quote is, “If I fall, it will be because I jumped!

Current Location:  Lake Ann, Michigan
Hometown:  Toledo, Ohio
Career:  Data Analyst
Hobbies: Fishing, hiking, snowboarding, lifting, playing basketball, camping, skateboarding, long boarding, boating
Favorite Things to do in Michigan: Fishing, snowboarding, boating, camping
Favorite Places to Visit Internationally: I've never been out of US/Canada but soon!

Most memorable adventure moment thus far: I drove across the country in my truck from Northern Michigan to San Diego California — there are just so many things you don’t see or feel from a plane!
Where would you like to travel: The UP of Michigan, Orlando FL, and Denver Colorado
All-Time Bucket List Trips: New Zealand, San Torini, Ireland, Thailand, Australia, Iceland, Zvalbard

One items you always take on adventures: At least one fishing rod and some tackle!
Why do you explore the outdoors: The energy you feel from being connected to the Earth is unmatched.
One word to describe yourself: Catalyst — all things are possible and I make them happen



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