Featured Explorer: Jamie

busyXploring Featured Explorer Jamie from Canada

Featured Explorer: Jamie @LuckyRiceOutdoors

Always looking for adventure - in Canada and around the world!

Jamie has so many experiences that we are envious typing his bio! He has traveled to over 20 countries for work and pleasure, visited over 100 cities and landmarks. Jamie's hunted and fished on 3 continents and has taken his love of the outdoors to the next level by looking to introduce hunting, fishing, and the outdoors to Asia.

Current Location:  Sioux Lookout
Hometown:  Stonewall, Manitoba
Career:  Consultant
Hobbies:  Fishing, hunting, ice hockey, golf and travel
Favorite Places to Visit in current province: Fishing and hunting would be the big 2.
Favorite Places to Visit in Canada: Fishing on the West coast of Canada for halibut and salmon, golfing and hiking.
Favorite Places to Visit Internationally: Southern Germany, SE Asia and South America, seeing unique landscapes and experiencing new food and culture.
Most memorable adventure moment thus far: Seeing Bayern Munich play in a Champions League game in Munich, helicopter hunt for tahr in New Zealand, watching traditional fisherman off the coast of Kenya.
Where would you like to travel: No long distance plans as yet, West coast for halibut this summer.
All-Time Bucket List Trip:  Moose hunt in Alaska.
One items you always take on adventures: My lucky backpack
Why do you explore the outdoors:  Fresh air, sights and sounds of nature, excitement of catching fish and harvesting animals for my friends and family to enjoy.
One word to describe yourself:  Bold

Jamie is looking for someone to film his upcoming hunts! Reach out @luckyriceoutdoors and connect!

 Jamie busyXploring explorer

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