Featured Explorer: Finnian Rattay

Finnian Rattay | busyXploring

Featured Explorer: Finnian Rattay

Our four-legged explorer, Finnian, is quite the adventurer. From hiking to kayaking, he spends all his time outdoors living his best life. Because let's face it, life is ruff.

  • Current State: Pennsylvania
  • Hometown: Fairmount City, PA
  • Career: Professional Napper
  • Hobbies:  Taking long walks, running, chasing my feline sister Livy, kayaking, sunbathing
  • Favorite Places to Visit in PA:  Althom, PA and any local dog park
  • Most memorable adventure moment thus far:  I would say riding with the windows down in my mom's 4Runner or walking the Sandy Creek Trail in Venango County, PA.
  • Where would you like to travel next?:  Costa Rica because I love the sun/sand or Canada because I want to go fishing on my dad's boat.
  • All-Time Bucket List Trip:  Switzerland to run through all the fields of flowers - wild and free. 
  • One thing you always take on adventures:  Poop bags (nature calls)
  • Why do you explore the outdoors?:  Nothing beats fresh air, soft grass, and all of the scents that need to be sniffed.
  • One word to describe yourself:  Protective

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