Featured Explorer: Ed Donahue

Ed busy exploring featured explorer shark fishing in florida and elk hunting

Featured Explorer: Ed Donahue

An avid outdoor enthusiast, Ed has spent most his life outdoors, whether in the woods or on water. A retired First Responder, he believes in living a full life and checking items off his bucket list. 

  • Current State: Pennsylvania
  • Hometown: Tidioute, Pennsylvania
  • Career: Retired Police Detective
  • Hobbies: Hunting, Traveling, Hiking, Shooting, Fishing
  • Favorite Places to Visit in PA:  I love to spend time on the Allegheny River and in the Allegheny National Forest. Pennsylvania is a great place for canoeing, hiking, and hunting. 
  • Favorite Place to Visit Out-of-Sate:  I spend a lot of time shark fishing in Florida - what a thrill! Elk hunting in Colorado is also an adventure that I am blessed to have the opportunity to do. If you're into hunting, a brown bear hunt in Alaska is quite the adrenaline rush.
  • Favorite Place to Visit Internationally:  Watching the Northern Lights in Iceland, Ireland Galway Bay, and deep sea fishing in Costa Rica.
  • Most memorable adventure moment thus far:  Experiencing the many different environments of Iceland and of course, seeing the Northern Lights.
  • Where would you like to travel next?:  Alaska
  • All-Time Bucket List Trip:  Alaska Brown Bear Hunt
  • One thing you always take on adventures:  Camera
  • Why do you explore the outdoors?:  The Personal Experience.
  • One word to describe yourself:  Adventurous

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