Where Pura Vida meets Fire and Ice

As we take a moment to celebrate this beautiful earth and its power to change and adapt through the seasons, let's also point out two countries that are going strong protecting and renewing resources from the land.

Costa Rica - one of my favorite places to visit. If you every have the opportunity to fly into Liberia and drive through the jungle to arrive at Playa Grande - do it. During that journey, you will see the lush green forests, farms, and ranches. While the country saw a great spike (and continues to) in tourism over the last 10 years, it has stayed true to offering eco-tourism options to eat, stay, and play in earth-friendly accommodations. The country offers a number of tours and session to learn about the landscape and how the resources are used and recycled. Their are a number of protected areas in the country and passionate conservation groups supporting nature and animals that help make this happen. Learn more about Costa Rica here

The Land of Fire and Ice - Ahh, the country that pushed me to the limits and captured my heart. In 2017, I decided to drive around the country in one week - solo. The changing landscapes and indecisive weather kept me alert during my 8-10 hour driving days. Seeing the earth transition from thick trees and woods to baron moss fields to volcanos and black sand beaches was eye opening. The main thing that is consistent throughout the country is renewable energy and using the islands resources for everyday living purposes. The country boasts 99% electricity production and 80% total energy production being hydropower and geothermal power. If that isn't impressive enough, Iceland is a leader in fighting ocean pollution and soil erosion. Read more about it here

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