Canada Fishing: Fall 2021

Audrey Rattay and Bill Marsh fishing in Canada wearing shirts from busyxploring
This past October, we set off on our first 'international' trip since the pandemic. I quote 'international' because in my opinion, if it's connected to the United States, it doesn't count as international travel (ha!). Anyways, I wanted to share some of the highlights of the trip, along with information about traveling across the border with Covid19 protocols in place. 

Trip Details: Long weekend trip from Pittsburgh, PA to Georgian Bay (Woods Bay) in Ontario in October 2021.

Border Entry & Exit: Entering Canada was pretty simple to be honest. We left at midnight Thursday and arrived at the Canadian border around 3:30pm. There was one car ahead of us and the process was smooth if you are prepared. Be sure to follow every step outlined here ( mainly, testing prior, uploading information to ArriveCAN app, and preparing all items in a nice folder for the border officer. Not going to lie, I felt a bit guilty because at the time Canadians were not allowed in the USA, however we were allowed into Canada. Since, the border has opened both direction (phew!). Entering the USA was very quick and not much to talk about here!

Travel Experience: Be certain to pack your masks! We were required to wear masks everywhere public and had to show our vaccination card and ID to eat in a Tim Horton's! There are quite a few restaurants and stores still closed so call ahead if you are set on somewhere specific. Traffic was hot and heavy near Toronto and Barry both that morning and on the way home. We sat in about 2 hours of packed traffic on our Monday evening return trip home. 

Room & Board: We had the pleasure of staying at the Pennsylvania Club on Pennsylvania Island on Georgian Bay. Unfortunately, this is a private club however there are a number of rentals available all around the bay with slips included. Check out the links at the bottom!

Boating: Moon River Marine did an excellent job at storing and detailing the boat! It was spotless, fueled, and ready to go when we arrived Friday morning. The weather was a breezy 55 degrees and we did hit a few rainstorms but that's what rain gear is for! We did need to wear our masks at the fueling docks, restaurants, etc. so have one in the boat with you. The Bay was pretty calm and the water was way too cold for my bones. 

Georgian Bay fishing trip in Canada with busyxploring

Fishing: Finally to the best part! Friday we went out and caught a Northern Pike right off the bat! We caught a few bass and another Pike that day so I'd say it was a good day! The rest of the weekend was a hit or miss. Some said the 62 degree water was too warm for the fish but my guess is that's what fishing is all about - ups and downs. We trolled for bass, hit some weedy patches, cruised into a few cool spots and enjoyed the scenery. Yes, fishing is great but it is worth mentioning, the scenery in Canada is breathtaking. From the windblown trees to the large rocks and the beautiful sunsets...Definitely one of my favorite places in the world. 

Gear: Typical Audrey, I completely overpacked and packed for the coldest conditions. Luckily, I wore my favorite Patagonia pants most of the weekend, waterproof jacket with layers underneath, including long sleeve shirts from our Gone Fishing line. I wore a number of hats, mostly the Logo Beanie, because the wind when trolling was a tad crisp for my little ears. Bill had the boat stocked with lures, rods, nets, hooks, line, etc. All the essentials, while I provided the snacks, drinks, and of course, entertainment :)

All in all, it was a great trip. The leaves were changed, the air was fresh, and the fishing was a blast. A memorable trip for the books. Looking forward to our next Canadian adventure!

Gone Fishing Gear:
Moon River
Canada Entry
Pennsylvania Club
Patagonia Pants

Sunset off the back of a fishing boat in Georgian Bay, Ontario Canada with busyxploring

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