Featured Explorer: Bill Marsh

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Featured Explorer: Bill Marsh

He'll travel anywhere - as long as there's a safe place to run.

Bill grew up in small-town western Pennsylvania.  In addition to hunting, reading, working and running locally, every year his family went to the Georgian Bay area of Ontario, Canada on Lake Huron where he developed a deep passion for that area.  He regularly returns and shares this gift with his sons and other family members.  It is a sad year (thanks COVID) when Bill cannot travel to Canada three or five times a year.  His biggest joy is fishing and exploring the many bays and islands that make up Georgian Bay.

Current State:  Pennsylvania
Hometown:  Oil City, Pennsylvania
Career:  Certified Public Accountant and Bank Executive
Hobbies:  Distance Running, Reading, Golfing, Fishing, Hiking, Boating
Favorite Places to Visit in Pennsylvania: I like to visit the City of Pittsburgh, go for long runs on rural highways or North Park.  Hiking in McConnell’s Mills makes you feel like you have left it all.  I also like canoeing the Allegheny River, running the railroad trails near on the river near Emlenton, Pennsylvania, and the trails at Moraine State Park.
Favorite Places to Visit Out-of-State:  I love boating, fishing and shore lunches on Georgian Bay in Ontario.  There are islands and bays there where it seems like you’re the first person to ever visit.
Most memorable adventure moment thus far:  Taking my boys and boat to the Umbrella Islands near Parry Sound, Ontario.  Catching a 40” in Northern Pike in an open boat with Karl Menges.
Where would you like to travel:  Anywhere in the desert in the southwestern USA.
All-Time Bucket List Trip:  Ireland to golf and run
Why do you explore the outdoors:  When I run or fish or golf and engage in outdoor activities like that, all the pressures and worries of everyday life go away – at least for a time.  It’s reenergizing; refreshing.
One word to describe yourself:  Misunderstood.


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