Top 5 Ways to Beat the Travel Bug

We have been locked down by the pandemic, but deep inside, we are still Travelers. Adventure Seekers. Thrill Seekers. Human Beings with passions, interests, goals and dreams (to name a few). Like many, my life changed at the blink of an eye and travel plans were disrupted. Below are a few ways that I continued to fuel my desire for seeing the world while beating the 'travel bug' until the time comes when the world is open, safe, happy...calm.

Top 5 Ways to Beat the 'Travel Bug'

  1. Look Back At It - Yes, you read it correctly. Take some time to look back at photos, videos, maps, travel books, etc. from prior trips. Relive those moments that we tend to forget so quickly.

  2. Host a Cultural Night - Was your 2020 dream vacation postponed until further notice? Bring your exotic destination right into your home with a cultural night! Research  and cook local cuisine, upload a festive playlist, gather a few decorations and immerse yourself in international culture. 

  3. Plan a New Trip, Locally - Now is a great time to be a tourist in your own city! Of course, using caution and maintaining a safe distance from others. Plan a day or a weekend driving around, stopping in local shops, restaurants and boutiques. Better yet, get outdoors by planning an overnight hiking excursion at a local park. Book a nearby cabin on Airbnb and curl up next to a fire with a good book. There are many ways to feel like a traveler by only being a few minutes or hours from home. 

  4. Watch Travel Videos on YouTube - This is a great resource to not only learn about a location prior to traveling, but to get first hand experience of any country of your choosing right from the comfort of your couch. You have a real opportunity to use your free time to learn about your dream vacations and start preparing for when that trip comes. Use this time to research and plan out the fine details so when the time comes, all you have to do is book your flight!

  5. Craft a Reverse Bucket List - This is one of my FAVORITE things that I have done. Sometimes focusing on what you missed out on or what you don't have will really bring you down. Instead, make a list of all the experiences and memories you have and make a reverse bucket list! Jotting down the kick-ass moments in your life will fill you with happiness and appreciation. You will be amazed at how many thoughts come to mind!

If these top 5 ways don't do the trick, you should snuggle up in one of our super soft #XploreTheWorld hoodies or tees! Show off your travel spirit and be reminded of adventures past. Sooner or later, we will all be able to get back out there and see the world, one passport stamp at a time. 

Stay safe and get busy exploring!

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