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Canada Fishing: Fall 2021
Audrey and Bill set off on a quick weekend fishing trip to Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada back in October. Read about the experience and view photos from the chilly but successful boating/fishing trip!
Featured Explorer: Liam
Meet Liam, our Featured Explorer living in Michigan. He loves fishing, snowboarding, and experiencing the power of the outdoors!
Work Life Balance
Sleep. Eat. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. One major point the pandemic highlighted in my life (and I'm sure many of yours) was that we spend way too much time working...eating...and sleeping. Yes - all of these are necessary to make...
Traveling Solo - Tips for Single Female Travelers
If you are considering traveling alone but are holding yourself back - Read This. I share with you a few tricks that have helped me make solo travel a big part of my life!
Featured Explorer: Jamie
Get to know Jamie! He has traveled to over 20 countries, loves fishing, and has big international plans!
Where Pura Vida meets Fire and Ice
Learn how Costa Rica and Iceland are helping sustainability in their countries and the world.
Featured Explorer: Bill Marsh
Bill keeps his life pretty simple. He enjoys running, fishing, and golfing. His true love in life though is the beautiful country of Canada.
Bring On Spring: Top 5 Places to Visit in the Northeast
Are you experiencing cabin fever? Living in the northeastern states makes this time of year difficult because when the sun is shining, it is still 20 degrees outside. Like you, we are ready to get out of the house and experience new surroundings.
Featured Explorer: Orlando Rios
Meet Orlando. He is from Virginia and is passionate about health and wellness (and food!).
Top 5 Ways to Beat the Travel Bug
We have been locked down by the pandemic, but deep inside, we are still Travelers. Adventure Seekers. Thrill Seekers. Human Beings with passions, interests, goals and dreams (to name a few). Like many, my life changed at the blink of an eye...
Packing List: Ice Fishing
We love ice fishing. There is something special about setting up the shanty, drilling the hole and kicking back waiting for the rod to move. Advice: If you're fishing in a shanty with a heater (the life, right?!), make sure you...
Navigating the New Year
Are you lost, still trying to think of a 2021 resolution? We've got you covered.
Our Favorite Spots | busyXploring
We've been around to a few spots and loved our experiences there. This is a list of the best places to stay, eat, and play around the world! If you have a suggestion, please send it our way at hello@busyXploring.com.
Fun Times in Nelson County
Nelson County, Virginia. One of my favorite places to visit. Only a short drive from Charlottesville, this area has so much to offer for everyone, regardless of what you’re interested in. For the over 21 crowd, it has some of the best stops in Virginia for adult refreshments. Most of these places are also kid and pet friendly, too. 
Historical Sites in Virginia
If you’re a history buff, Virginia is the place for you! Not only was it one of the original 13 colonies, but there are so many sites tied to the American Revolution and Civil War, too! Check out some of these spots next time you’re traveling to the Old Dominion state.
Featured Explorer: Lizzie Heine
Featured Explorer: Lizzie Heine Fun and Fearless - That's Lizzie. She can't stop moving. Lizzie has over 6,000 backcountry miles logged and has been to over 45 countries. Although she loves her home, work, and boyfriend, she won't stop traveling. Lizzie is...
Featured Explorer: Finnian Rattay
Our four-legged explorer, Finnian, is quite the adventurer. From hiking to kayaking, he spends all his time outdoors living his best life. Because lets face it, life is ruff.
Featured Explorer: Gina B.
he is a Physicist by trade and a dog mom by heart. Her 8 year old Frenchie, Luna, travels with her whenever possible. When she's not traveling, she is a competitive olympic-style weightlifter, and Strongwoman, recently qualifying for the 2021 National Strongwo/man Competition.
Featured Explorer: Janelle Erickson
Growing up in the country nurtured her love for all things outdoors from hiking through the woods to fishing in creeks, ponds, rivers, and lakes. Since she's never lived anywhere other than Louisa, Janelle is inspired to broaden her horizons through travel throughout Virginia, the United States, and the world.
Featured Explorer: Ed Donahue
An avid outdoor enthusiast, Ed has spent most his life outdoors in the woods or on water. A retired First Responder, he believes in living a full life and checking items off his bucket list. 
Featured Explorer: Ty Boyer
Ty grew up in a rural community in Western Pennsylvania. With not much else to do, Ty and his buddies would always spend their time outdoors. His father was and still is a huge influence of when it comes to hunting and is something that they still share.